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SalesForce.com is the enterprise cloud computing leader. SalesForce social and mobile cloud technologies—including their flagship sales and CRM applications—help companies connect with customers, partners, and employees in entirely new ways.

No Hardware. No Software. No Boundaries.

And thanks to the cloud, all of it comes with low cost, low risk, and fast results.


SalesForce.com and Force.com are used in tandem to meet customer demands. The base sales cloud platform is available to all customers no matter how large or small. The premise of the platform is to provide customers a streamlined approach to Lead, Account, Contact, Opportunity, and Reports that manage your business pipeline.

Should your company have interest in embracing the true nature of platform application solutions that house more than just one of your business processes SalesForce is there to accommodate. The Force.com platform is a wide open tool under which a customer can manage quoting, inventory management, customer support, form based workflow, approval processes, and much much more! The platform is designed to meet your needs and do so in a simple, customer managed approach. That’s right once setup correctly and trained you the customer can administer any process no matter how complex with incredible ease.

Rithom is fully experienced to assist you in the ability to review not only your sales and business development, but business as a whole; align your processes, consolidate your software, and implement a complete platform based solution to run your business on!


SalesForce is the #1 Innovative company in the world today, beating the likes of Apple and Google. The reason for this prestigious honor is that SalesForce listens to you the customer and finds ways to meet your business demands. The introduction of mobile applications is the predominant reason for this. Not only does SalesForce offer a strong set of core applications to support its product, but it also embraces the publication and availability of applications built by consumers of their product to be available for all customers.

The mobile application landscape is built on the premise of providing Apps that are designed to meet your specific workflow and needs. The removal of overhead from the applications will allow your sales reps in the field to log a lead instantaneously, publish emails into accounts, review dashboards of reports and forecasts at the touch of a finger. This is just a small example set of the increased functionality that is available to you.


Maybe the most exciting of the three core facets is collaboration. One of the biggest struggles Rithom has recognized and assisted customers with at implementation and on-going is the ability to use the tools to improve collaboration and strengthen the business processes supported by using SalesForce.

The utilization of Chatter your business processes own Facebook/Twitter like feed that allows a team, organization, and customers to correspond on a common playground. Send messages, post updates, send files, and more through Chatter to announce project status, requests, etc. This tool is designed to help your teams work together to increase and improve your business.

SalesForce communities exist in multiple varieties for the common purpose of discussing how can you use SalesForce better. Find groups that are related to your business industry, share common processes, use the same tools, perform work in the same region, and more. The goal is that you have information available to you, the customers of SalesForce have information to share, and we are providing you a means to access this information and use it become better, faster, stronger, and more efficient in how your business operates.

Rithom is not just your implementation partner, but an advisor, administrator, support, training, and #1 business advocate to help you build a better business process.

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