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Our team is experienced with a wide range of software types, deployment structures, and best practices. Our experience ranges by industry and vendor selection. Our focus remains the same – supplying high value work, affordable solutions, and maximizing your business solutions.

Application Review

It is not uncommon that the applications your business owns are used for specific purposes, but contain many features/functions that would improve how you work and manage your data. Not only may the applications owned be used more efficiently, but remove the need to use other applications owned as well. Niche software often is not as narrow as the needs they are purchased to meet. Thus having Rithom review your application environment in tandem with your business processes may help you save money, work more efficiently, and build better data management processes.

Gap Assessment

The “gap” is a detailed review matrix that aligns your business and your software. It will paint the picture of what you are using, not using, could be using, and should be using. In most cases the gaps identified will clearly begin to outline your road map to software success!

Road Map

A software road map is the masterpiece resulting from a complete review of your application portfolio. It will outline several details that can be used to manage your environment. The most notable items that will result include; applications features used/not used, application overlap, version management, data management structures, overall usage or lack thereof, and applications that should be removed or replaced.


The complete review of your business and the software, technology used is where Rithom provides expertise. It is our goal to assist you in deploying or implementing the best solutions for your business. For a free consultation on how Rithom conducts analysis and the benefit for you contact us today!

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