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Salesforce Marketing Cloud
Apr 15

Top 3 Benefits of Salesforce Marketing Cloud

The Salesforce Marketing Cloud offers marketers a one-stop-shop for all marketing channels. Within a single environment, the marketer can manage email, social, web, and mobile platforms. There are many features of the Salesforce Marketing Cloud, including the ability to use data analytics to manage the customer lifecycle.

Think of Salesforce Marketing Cloud as the best listener you’ve ever met. It guides prospects through an intuitive, personalized journey that enables nearly 50% faster campaign deployment and over 43% increase in marketing ROI.

Here are the three top Salesforce Marketing Cloud benefits.

Listen Up

With the Salesforce Marketing Cloud, marketers can more deeply understand the headspace of their customers and prospects on the internet. They can not only analyze what their prospects are interested in, but also predict what trends they might follow in the future. This valuable data can be mined by marketing teams to deliver more personalized customer interaction.

Journey Builder, one aspect of Salesforce Marketing Cloud, listens to the needs and wants of prospects. It can help you tailor messages specific to each customer’s journey. Compare this to the outdated practice of just sending out mass emails randomly. Instead, you can automatically follow up with your prospects based on specific behaviors. For example, if someone abandoned their cart at checkout or opened an email, marketing can follow up with a targeted email campaign.

This key component of the Salesforce Marketing Cloud is its ability to listen. This enables customers to partake on an individualized journey instead of a marketed segment. It tracks customers’ behaviors, enables marketers to deliver targeted campaigns and build more successful customer relationships.

Shape Customer Pathways

Predictive analytics is the next key component of the Salesforce Marketing Cloud. This vital tool enables the marketer to shape the entire customer experience. Predictive analytics looks at the prospect's past behaviors to predict future actions. What they’ve done in the past can help predict what they’ll do in the future. You can determine if they’re about to unsubscribe, share with a friend or purchase. With this crystal ball in hand, you can mold a customized journey based on their predicted action.

Consider a customer that has always bought items when they’re on sale, for example. Your email campaigns should then center on the news about the next big sale. By shaping the customer experience to mirror the individual’s prospects, marketers will enjoy a higher response rate. 

Rithom did an excellent job all around anticipating our needs and keeping to us a schedule. Tracy, their project manager, has been very responsive to follow up questions and changes to configurations. Bret has also been very responsive to our questions about capabilities in support of Salesforce sales.

I Can’t Get No Satisfaction

Customers and marketers create a relationship based on their shared experiences. Like any other relationship, this can have varying levels of satisfaction. The overall health of the relationship can be nurtured through the Salesforce Marketing Cloud.

The Salesforce Marketing Cloud shapes its messaging content to match the customer’s satisfaction levels. It can shift its activities in response to certain signals. Consider a prospect that is having a difficult time resolving an issue with customer service. Since they will be less receptive at this time to making a new purchase, marketing activities to this prospect are automatically suspended. Once the problem has been resolved, the Salesforce Marketing Cloud initiates a new sequence, beginning with a follow-up email to determine their current satisfaction and any further steps to ameliorate the relationship.

The Salesforce Marketing Cloud breaks down campaign results via a multitude of factors. Through precise data, the impact of every interaction is assessed to determine its success rate. Marketers can then use this data to create real-time marketing solutions and fashion efficient future strategies.

As a certified Salesforce Partner, we know how to get the most out of Marketing Cloud to enhance your marketing and sales process. If you are interested in learning more about how Marketing Cloud can help you business contact us today to schedule a free consultation.

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