Investing in Digital Transformation in the Age of Corona

May 06
Digital Transformation

Necessity is the mother of all inventions - From the wheel to the microscope to the Zoom Video conference. In this unique time of global social distancing, companies are using their downtime to optimize their digital operations portfolio. There are several steps you can take today to start seeing more growth tomorrow; this is particularly true for digital transformations within your sales and marketing teams.

Why Prioritize Digital Initiatives Now

Are you looking to take the plunge toward digital marketing? There’s never been a better time. Take Dell Computers’ icon Michael Dell, for example. He pioneered inside sales teams in the ‘90s. With this conversion, he reduced sales cycles, made one-on-ones with prospects more meaningful, and decreased his internal sales cost structure.

Business travel has come to all but a standstill, yet we’re still connected globally through technological initiatives. Many managers, now reflecting and researching from their home offices, are looking to digital initiatives for their marketing and selling initiatives. Any offline marketing, such as events, out-of-home advertisements, and even radio, have taken a huge hit recently. Digital marketing is now more valuable because business operations designed via digital activities are sheltered from this pandemic.

Key Benefits of Marketing Automation

One of the easiest and most effective digital business solutions to initiate is sales automation strategies. Not using sales automation strategies is akin to not creating a grocery list before heading to the store. Marketing automation optimizes the way marketing teams perform and execute strategies. Successful marketing automation is almost like free money. It helps amp up the revenue without performing manual, non-productive tasks that are essential but time-consuming. We’ve outlined the top tier benefits of marketing automation strategies below.

Identification of Potential Customers

Sales Automation turns your bulk email list into an organized goldmine of valuable customer information. It allows your marketing teams to filter specific criteria to fish for potential clients and create marketing incentives targeted to their particular needs. Filters can increase your chances of making successful conversions. The filters reduce your spamming efforts and allow sales teams to reach only interested and relevant prospects.

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Customer Information

Through automation reports and statistics, you can better understand your customers and generate statistics that are critical for sales teams. With careful data generation and analysis, you can gain a better knowledge of your prospects and their industries. This allows you to hone in on their needs and desires and develop marketing schemes to meet them.

Creation and Editing of Documents

Especially in today’s age of increased isolation due to the Coronavirus, customers view their interactions with storefronts and businesses as part of a socio-emotional relationship. To save time and effort, vendors can enter into a long-standing relationship with customers to set up the terms of engagement. This allows you to set up long-range terms of engagement automatically. By defining terms and creating workflows, the software generates lengthy contracts. It can also remind both parties when the contract needs to be updated, is about to expire, or can be automated for the addition of new contacts.

Account Management Automation

To maintain customer relationships, regular and thoughtful emails are essential. However, this can also be time-consuming. Automation of this portion of the sales cycle means that there is no need for sending manual emails, reminders, follow-ups, and greetings. From the very first click to the payment collection, every stepping stone is managed by the automated system.

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