The Most Effective Ways to Use Pardot Automation Rules

Apr 01

Gone are the days when all daily tasks were laboriously undertaken by hand. Today marketers turn to automation to increase efficiency. Consider the role automation can play in your lead qualification, assignment, notifications, task creations, campaign additions, and tag application.

Pardot automation rules are one of the strongest features to ensure your marketing schemes work. The below automation best practices, are a great way to create targeted campaigns that generate results.

Streamline Your Lead Qualifications

Skilled marketers employ lead qualification models to customize their scoring and grading. As an initial step, customize both global and baseline scoring rules. Then add an additional customization layer with automation rules. This can not only allow you to measure and pinpoint customer intent but also to create tasks and goals for your sales force. 

Target Marketing Content to Align with Prospect’s Most Recent Activity

  • “We haven’t heard from you in awhile. We miss you.”
  • “Happy anniversary! You signed up with us exactly one year ago.”
  • “We spotted you spotting something kinda amazing”

Whether your prospect’s most recent activity was a day ago or a year ago, targeting your message to grab their attention is paramount to today’s successful marketing schemes.

One step further: Sequencing the Combination of Activities to Target Prospects

Say a prospect views a specific landing page but does not convert. Whether it’s a bottom-of-funnel consent or you can then use their sequence of activity to apply a certain task.

“For example, If you want to send an email whenever someone views a specific landing page but does not convert (this can be great for form abandonment on high-value or bottom-of-funnel content), you can use a completion action on the form to apply a certain tag, then use an automation rule that says when the landing page is viewed AND the tag ISN’T that specific tag, send the email.”

Say happy birthday!

Forgot your birthday? Never! Prospects today want businesses they befriend to be a larger component of their social network. There are numerous ways to automatically remember their special day. Using Salesforce, for example, you can create a current birthday field that will auto-schedule it year after year. This is one way to create a birthday drip program. Expert Tip – Disable the option to only send emails during a normal workweek, since your viewer’s birthday might fall on a weekend.

Customize Auto-Responses to Specific Groups

Customize Auto-Responses to Specific Groups
Your prospect fills out a form. It’s now up to you to use the information provided to boost content engagement. But you’re not alone. Marketing automation is your BFF. They can analyze all respondent’s field criteria then steer certain auto-responder emails to their matched prospect.

Excellent Guidance and Support

Tracy (Rithom Consultant) provided excellent guidance and support. She took the time to understand the needs of our company and help us implement to meet those needs. She developed a schedule to walk us through the process and was readily available if we needed additional help along the way.
I am happy to recommend Tracy and definitely would ask her to assist me if I did another implementation or expanded our use of the product.

Group Prospects by Sales Reps via Tags

Using automation rules, you can tag each prospect with their sales representative. When it’s time to analyze data, you can easily segment reports based on each prospect’s sales representative.

Add Prospects to Salesforce campaigns to –Auto-Update their Status

Analyze Campaign Influence by adding prospects to Salesforce campaigns. This will allow you to generate reports on specific interests and availability. You can also easily uncover which campaign leads haven’t yet received.

Using Decay Lead Scores

Create specific marketing qualifications via score thresholds. Then create an automation rule to decay the score if the prospect hasn’t checked in for a certain amount of time. This way you can reach only the most active prospects.

These automation best practices work to help you achieve your overall marketing goals. Automation rules make your job easier when you need to send the same weekly newsletter to more than one list, adjust a prospect’s grade or score, better segment your database, and much, much more!

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